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Your Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Can Do Much Better With These Accessories

To help users get the most of their digital microscopes and for an optimal Dino-Lite experience, an eBlast featuring in-demand Dino-Lite accessories was sent out by in the first week of June 2020. If you have not received the email and is interested in checking out accessories you can upgrade your Dino-Lite with, then read through below.

The Upgrade You Deserve. Shop Dino-Lite Acccessories for Any Budget

It’s about time to elevate your Dino-Lite Digital Microscope experience. Discover better convenience with highly favored Dino-Lite accessories advantageous for a plethora of applications. Easily upgrade and extend the working range of your Dino-Lite digital microscopes by integrating readily available accessories including wifi adapters, microscope stands and racks, lightings, backlights, and more.

Discover Convenience Now

WF-20 Mobile WiFi Adapter for AF Series Dinolite Microscopes

Expand Possibilities By Going Wireless

- Experience full power, flexibility, and portability

- Designed for Dino-Lite Edge AF series

- Connect to an iPad, iPhone or other Mobile Devices

- Capture images and stream up to 4 devices

- Lightweight, modular design, high quality optics

WF-10 Mobile WiFi Adapter

Connect Everywhere with a Multi-Platform Solution

- Designed for Dino-Lite Edge and Premier series

- Livestream to 10 devices simultaneously

- Broadcast up to 15 meters (50 feet) to multiple devices

- Inspect objects while on field without sacrificing quality results

- Transmit images and videos to iOs, Android devices, and wifi enabled computers

WF-10 Mobile WiFi Adapter

Stay Steady and Focused

- Most popular industrial stand with 8" working distance

- Lightweight and portable hands-free operation

- 360-degree horizontal positioning

- Holster mount pivots +/- 40 degrees for inclined viewing

- Vernier control for precise vertical focusing

MSAH302 Harsh Environment Enclosure (Edge Series)

Get Protection from the Toughest Environments

- Complete protection for Edge Series Dino-Lite microscopes

- Magnify, illuminate and record in any environment

- Extension poles allow imaging in hard-to-reach areas

- Enclosure mount adapter will adjust to any orientation

-Clear protective lens enables distortion-free imaging

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