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Best Cannabis Testing Equipment
Get the Purest Concentration

Besides getting a Cannabis end product with the highest purity and the best quality, understands how safety of users should also be top priority for cannabis growers and cannabis enthusiasts. To help in the crucial process of growing, monitoring, and processing cannabis products, Microscope has recently launched its own Cannabis Testing Equipment line.

Supplying microscopes, microscope accessories, lab equipment and supplies to pharmaceutical, academic, medical, and other industries for years, has now ventured to serve a new line of cannabis equipment for cannabis testing, cannabis distillation, and cannabis extraction applications.

Find a great line of lab equipment for inspecting trichomes or for detecting impurities and traces of fertilizers, which will then help you produce Cannabis products with the best potency. You don’t need to switch between dozens of suppliers to complete your testing setup at the lab anymore. Discover lab ovens, rotary evaporators, stereo and digital microscopes from the most trusted brands for your cannabis development and cultivation activities only at

Only the Best Cannabis Testing Equipment for You. exactly knows what you need. We offer free US shipping for the following products:


Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum ovens are crucial for disinfecting medical equipment by safely and efficiently removing their harmful chemicals. Today, vacuum ovens have also been significant in processing Cannabis oils, whether they’re extracted from solvents like Butane or alcohol and CO2.

Using vacuum ovens to heat-purge BHO is cost-effective because it lets you extract chemicals easier. This means ensuring quality won’t take you longer and you can proceed to market products faster. Vacuum ovens are also great for drying cannabis flowers to remove residual solvents and prevent development of mildew and mold. Doing this is crucial to guarantee product quality before these are rolled out to customers.

However, as effective as they may be, not all vacuum ovens are easy to optimize for precision or have the same features. For these reasons, be careful in choosing your drying oven models.

With our roster of vacuum ovens, we can guarantee you a fast and safe BHO extraction. We offer laboratory ovens presenting valuable features as well as easy and secure operations at different price points to match your budget —basic, advanced, and premium vacuum ovens from Yamato and Being Instruments.

Plus, to make sure your drying oven fits your demands and lab conditions, you can select your drying oven model according to its internal capacity, operating temperatures, and power source on


Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators or rotovaps are integral equipment for Cannabis extraction, filtration, and refinement. During the refinement of raw Cannabis extract, a rotovap helps in efficiently removing the residual ethanol at a lower cost than other tools.

With a rotovap, you can achieve quicker evaporation rates, which is beneficial if you’re aiming for lower THC concentrates in edibles or if you’re distilling Cannabis oil. You can easily create extracts with consistent doses using a rotovap as well, which is crucial for medicinal Cannabis users. understands that purging is important in Cannabis preparation and creating the purest concentrates. That’s why we are including the most well- engineered rotary evaporators in our Cannabis testing equipment line. These models can effectively remove solvents from concentrates and perform a seamless, cost- effective post-extraction refinement.

In our Cannabis testing equipment line, we offer basic, advanced, and premium rotovaps from Yamato. The basic and advanced rotary evaporators will work with ease in general evaporation applications. The premium models are highly programmable with adjustable rotary joints, vertical condensers, motorized lift, and digital control panels.

Stereo and Digital Microscopes

Studying trichome development is important because it will determine the potency of your Cannabis product. By observing the hue, structure, and the light that they emit under UV light, you can determine how much terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinols, or cannabidiols they will produce.

That is how you’ll know if your plants are ready for harvesting. That is also why the number of studies for trichome development is growing along with the Cannabis industry. Some growers even use software to study trichome behavior on plants. Now, if your team is still scaling, you don’t have to spend on complicated tools to inspect trichomes. We can supply you with high-power but cost- effective microscopes.

Our Cannabis testing equipment line includes our best-selling stereo and digital microscopes. If you want a benchtop microscope for your team, you can choose from any of Omano’s stereo microscopes in basic, advanced, and premium variants. We can also complete your hemp field testing equipment kit with any of Dino-Lite’s basic, advanced, and premium digital microscopes.

Besides studying trichomes, you can also use these stereo and digital microscopes to:

  • Further study your plants’ anatomy

  • Inspect traces of pesticides

  • Observe mold in the flowers

  • Check for microscopic parasites or pests like aphids or spider mites

  • Also, even if you’re not a Cannabis grower, you can still use microscopes to check the quality of the products you are getting before purchasing batches.

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