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Safety & Maintenance
Look after your microscope and it will last a lifetime!
Microscope Safety
  • Never disassemble the microscope as doing so may cause electric shock or damage to the microscope

  • Allow the halogen bulbs to cool before touching. Halogen bulbs become extremely hot and may cause burns if touched

  • To avoid electric shock or damage to the instrument, unplug the microscope before replacing the bulb.

  • Use only the prescribed halogen or fluorescent bulb

  • Turn off and unplug the microscope before moving.

Carrying the Microscope

  • Always lift the microscope with two hands: one hand on the arm, the other hand supporting the base.

Cleaning the Microscope

  • Dust should be cleaned off with pressurized air or with a soft brush

  • Clean smudges, fingerprints, oils, etc from the lens with clean lens paper or a soft clean cloth moistened with a small amount of absolute alcohol-ether mixture. If an alcohol-ether mixture is unavailable, use isopropyl alcohol

  • Clean the microscope body and stand using a moist, soft cloth with a small amount of detergent.

  • Working temperatures are: 32° F-104° F (0°C-40°C). Max. relative humidity: 85%

  • Use water only on plastic surfaces

History of Microscopes
Did you know that the original microscope used water to help magnify?