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Why a Kid's Microscope is the Perfect Christmas Gift

We all want the best things for our children, and that includes letting them learn on their own. While they can do this on the internet, you can opt and provide them better alternatives such as a kids microscope.

Just think about it. Instead of burying their faces into screens for hours for leisure time, wouldn’t it be great for them to explore the outside world (even if it's just the backyard) for a change? What happened to the joy of discovering interesting things under the sun?

They can run around and collect bugs, rocks, or interesting leaves and flowers… and then study them under a real kids microscope on a small table, like a junior Albert Einstein or a little Marie Curie... Wouldn’t that be such an inspiring sight to see?

Besides, you have to shake off the thought that science tools are expensive. You can even get equipment like a kids microscope for less than a hundred bucks.

That’s why a kids microscope is the perfect Christmas present to give your little one this year.

From stimulating their curiosity about the world around them to developing their critical thinking skills, a kids microscope can do many wonders to children. Here are more reasons why you should give your children the best microscope for kids:

1. Kids are spending way too much screen time.

 In 2019, it was reported that kids and teens in the US are spending an average of 4 hours and 44 minutes in front of screens. That was before the pandemic. Now, it’s not hard to see that the number has probably doubled or even tripled.

With the schools transitioning to remote learning, kids are spending more hours in front of their laptops to attend their classes on Zoom or Google Meet. When classes are over, they probably play mobile games or interact with their friends through various social media websites. That’s definitely too many hours spent in front of gadgets.

It’s no wonder why many kids are experiencing Zoom Burnout, which is the exhaustion from attending classes on Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool. As their parent, grandparent, or guardian, how can you help them cope with the stress of online classes?

There are plenty of solutions to this. One of the best ones is to incorporate play into their schedule. Make sure they’re taking breaks and doing recreational activities that don’t always involve gadgets.

A great idea? Get a kids microscope and hit two birds with one stone. Let kids have fun and get their mind off their online classes—all while learning about their environment, whether inside or outside the house.

Instead of scrolling through their social media feeds or spending hours watching videos on their gadgets, they can spend their time learning interesting experiments and develop their love for science. Learning by doing helps kids understand concepts and ideas presented to them better.

2. You need to nurture their curiosity.

Kids, especially in the early childhood stages, are naturally curious. However, this fervent curiosity often fades as they grow older. While this dwindling is typical, you must nurture this curiosity while they’re still young. This way, even as they grow into a teenager or young adult, they will reap the benefits of their childhood curiosity being nurtured. And what are these advantages?

First, you can help them develop their five senses. Letting them become more observant of their environment leads to having them make better deductions on how things around them work. Even more important, you can raise them with high intrinsic motivation.

High intrinsic motivation is about doing the right thing even without external rewards. By cultivating high intrinsic motivation in your kids, they won’t have to rely on external motivations to achieve greater things. They won’t do it because they’re itching to score points or get stars. They will do good deeds, just because it feels good. This is a great principle that will benefit them in their adulthood.

While smartphones and laptops help stimulate kids’ curiosity, they come with some disadvantages. As an example, kids may become addicted to playing mobile games and eventually lose their focus on learning. Besides attention problems, addiction to technology might cause low sleep quality, poor vision, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a decline in their overall mental wellbeing. For these reasons, it’s best to give them great alternative learning tools such as a kids microscope.

Check out our best-selling Omano JuniorScope, the best microscope for students and kids. Unlike other toy microscopes available in the market today, the Omano JuniorScope is a real microscope that kids can use to perform various experiments. That’s why this microscope is a crowd favorite among parents and grandparents who wish to cultivate their kids’ love for science.

The Omano JuniorScope comes with a petri dish, real glass slides, and fun experiment activity cards. With this microscope, kids can get busy on Saturday mornings, examining pebbles, pennies, seeds, or anything that their stubby little fingers can pick outside or can find inside their house.

Finally, you should get your little ones a kids microscope so that they can exercise their critical thinking. It’s no secret that we are drenched in information today. However, young children are digital natives; so, they will inevitably encounter false information and useless junks of knowledge on the web.

While you can’t put a kids’ filter on their gadgets forever, you can instead teach them how to think critically. And the perfect tool for that is a kids microscope.

As your kids study more tiny objects under a microscope, they will ask more questions. They won’t easily settle for one answer. By developing this habit, they will learn that you can’t easily make final judgments quickly and with just small amounts of information at hand. This is crucial to realize and apply today, where every corner of the internet is riddled with fake news.

A kids microscope is a great educational investment because not only can it develop kids’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills but it can also help improve their retention of information, attentiveness, and even confidence in handling lab equipment through hands-on learning.

Hands-on learning is especially crucial because it will enhance kids’ growth mindset. This translates to kids not being easily discouraged when making mistakes and instead treating these mistakes as part of a “trial-and-error” process, which is an important part of learning.

Raise intelligent kids. Buy the best kids microscope now!

Being a long-time family-run business, understands the importance of fostering curiosity and critical thinking in kids these days. That’s why we can help you get the best kids microscopes such as the Omano JuniorScope for your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews without trouble and without breaking the bank.

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