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Yeast Cells


Yeasts are unicellular fungi that are used to make alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer, and also in baking. They consume sugars and, through the process of fermentation, produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.


- Compound microscope

- One packet of active yeast

- Dropper or pipette

- 1 cup warm water

- Microscope slides and cover slips

- 1 tablespoon of sugar


To begin, you need to prepare a yeast solution. Add the yeast and sugar to the warm water. Stir and let it sit for 45 minutes. Once the yeast solution is ready, place a small drop onto a slide and cover with a coverslip. Observe the yeast cells under high power. You may see some cells in the process of reproducing. In yeast, this is known as budding.

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