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Go ahead, unleash your elementary, high school and college students’ inner mad scientist

This week, we’re celebrating Spectacular Science Teachers and Professors around the world!

With students back in the classroom and World Teacher Day approaching fast, we thought we’d share some of our favorite, classroom-ready science experiments for inspiration.

No need to experiment here, we’ve got teachers and professors covered with novel, creative, microscope-related science activities. Just check out our blog for the details!

Experiments for Elementary School Students

 1. Do a microscope field study: 

Step 1: Send your students to explore the school yard and collect samples to study under the ‘scope. Items could include leaves, flower petals, or spider webs.

Step 2: Head back to the ‘lab’ (or the classroom) and examine your samples.

Step 3: Draw a picture of what you see under the scope. 

 2. Deep dive into pond water

Is your local pond teeming with life? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Grab a couple of jars and collect samples to compare under your microscope.

Step 2: Collect a variety of samples, including:

Different depths: one near the banks, one deeper in

Different water sources (if possible) -- try a puddle while you’re at it

Step 3: Head back to the classroom and predict what differences (if any) you might see!

Step 4: Examine your samples. Be sure to note any differences between them. 

Recommended microscope for elementary classrooms: OM118-M3 40X-400X Monocular Student Compound Microscope.

Experiments for High School Students

 1. Be a microscope detective: 

Forensics can be applied to almost every scientific field, from chemistry, to pathology, botany or anthropology. Let your inner Sherlock Holmes out with this super simple experiment to lift and examine fingerprints. 

All you need are: a microscope slide, fine powder, a brush and clear tape

For all the details, visit:

2. CSI: High School edition:

Follow up your fingerprint analysis with a cheek swab. To solve this mystery, all you’ll need is Methylene Blue and a toothpick or cotton swab. 

For all the details, visit: 

Recommended microscope for high school classrooms: OM118-B4SL LED 40X-1000X Compound Student Microscope 

Experiments for College and University Students

1. Wipe away your tears: 

Do all human tears have the same chemical makeup? Read this incredible recent study that reveals how tears of grief, laughter and even chopping onions look under the microscope. And see if you can replicate it in your lab.

2. Microscope mixology: What does your favorite drink look like under the microscope?

You can find out by crystallizing your favorite drink - whether it’s a hazelnut latte, a craft brew or a pina colada. For some inspiration, take a look at these beautiful images that were captured by a polarized light microscope.

Recommended microscope for university labs: OM118-M4 40X-1000X Student Compound Microscope with 5.0MP WiFi Digital Camera

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