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Smooth Out Your Industrial Machinery Equipment Quality Control and Assurance Processes with a Digital Microscope
Learn how quality control engineers like you are using digital microscopes to mitigate safety risks in even the smallest machinery details

With the changing demands of the industrial machinery equipment industry, it can be hard to find equipment that adapts well to new products and new problems, like identifying split or cracked handles on working tools or defective fasteners that can lead to serious injuries and expensive recalls. While some quality control and quality assurance companies continue using ocular equipment to complete manufactured equipment analysis, most QC and QA professionals are switching to digital microscopes for inspection to:

  • Ensure consumer safety and satisfaction

  • Protect brand reputations

  • Set a high standard for quality control

...and easily document this entire process while they’re at it. 

How can a digital microscope benefit you? With the flexibility of modern digital technology and the precise nature of traditional microscopy, quality control and inspection can assess the small details that make the most significant difference in the quality of manufactured machinery equipment.

How does industrial machinery QC/QA benefit from digital microscopes?

Although each industry has its own unique list of product defects to hunt down during quality control processes, one element is common across the board: excellent quality control demands excellent microscopy. With a digital microscope, you make your quality control processes: 

  • Faster

  • Easier

  • More traceable

  • More accountable

With the changing demands of quality control, it can be hard to find equipment that lasts a long time and adapts well to new QC processes. One of the greatest advantages of digital microscopes is their low operating cost and minimal maintenance. Since they aren’t built with as many smaller components and function partly on a computer, they don’t require much intervention and don’t have any hidden costs either. 

Digital microscopes, like the Dino-Lite Edge 5.0MP Digital USB Microscope, offer advantages to inspection professionals that traditional microscopes can’t compete with. And if your microscopy technology lags behind a competitor’s, so does your quality control, as well as the product under inspection. Digital microscopes offer a unique set of features like:

  • Improved collaboration across your supply chain. With easily viewable, accessible, and shareable image files, digital microscopes allow you to improve collaboration and communication across your entire supply chain. 

  • Simplified operation without compromising quality. Digital microscopes combine the details of traditional microscopy with digital technology to achieve excellent results. 

  • Ease of use translates into reduced required training. Getting highly sophisticated imaging sounds complicated, but it’s as easy as using your smartphone or tablet with a digital microscope. When controls are this familiar, you reduce the training required to use new equipment quality control and assurance processes. It makes onboarding new QC technicians easy.

  • Ergonomic design that makes QC and QA easier over time. Digital microscopes don’t depend on an ocular focus, allowing for comfortable and efficient working postures during long days of quality inspection. Technicians no longer need to hunch over an eyepiece, straining their eyes and hurting their back for countless hours every week.

  • Imaging software for trackable documentation. Measurement, annotation, and image comparison and analysis have never been easier with microscopy software that enhances time-consuming cataloging procedures. 

Some questions to ask yourself when purchasing a microscope for quality control: 

  • Do you need the microscope for visual inspection purposes only, or do you also need to document and report your findings?

  • How many hours will you use the microscope daily?

  • Will you have a surface to set your microscope down on? What kind of working distance do you need?

  • Will you perform inspections in a lab or on the floor/field, or will you need to travel with a microscope?

An inspection microscope (or a quality control microscope) combines traditional microscopy with modern technology, paired with extra working space underneath the microscope, with a wide magnification range available.

The 2300 series inspection microscopes are highly customizable. Whether you’re looking for an articulating arm or a trinocular head, you can personalize your microscope to fit your day-to-day quality control process.


A Dino-Lite is the epitome of modern digital microscopy. It’s the size of an ice cream cone and features a built-in reticle that you can place directly on top of precision parts to identify surface defects like roughness.

However, instead of looking through an eyepiece, you can inspect the sample on a computer screen and document or share the image using Dino-Lite’s image capture and measurement software

How can you find the best microscope for your application? 

Choosing the right microscope for your quality control applications can be a challenging task. With all these features and models to sift through, it’s tempting to just work with the conventional microscope instrument you already have, even when you know you could be doing better.

That’s why we do the leg work for you. Tell us what you need to inspect, and we’ll find the best microscope for you. We have 25 years of experience helping quality control engineers and inspectors improve their processes with better microscopes.  

Before you make a capital purchase for your quality control processes, give us a call. Save a chunk of your budget and put it towards other needs around your lab. We offer the same features as big brands without their brand name prices without compromising on the quality of our products or our service. We started this company 25 years ago to make science accessible to everyone, and that’s why our prices are so low. 

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