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The best microscopes for lab managers
Find the microscopes and accessories other lab managers are already using

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We deliver more than top-notch science jokes! For over two decades, has been working with research institutions, labs, private businesses and universities across the USA to push the boundaries of their research with value-priced, packed-with-features microscopes and accessories. 

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 They’re using these microscopes at different stages of their research:

The best microscope for your biology students

More than 400 universities spanning every corner of the U.S. trust to deliver value to their programs, so students can learn and professors can push the boundaries of their research.

After two decades, the best rated option for students and professors is the OM36 40X-1000X Compound Student Microscope. This low cost, rugged microscope stands up to hard use in the lab and the field (and hard use from inexperienced users… like your enthusiastic biology students). 

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The best portable microscope

The pocket-sized Dino-Lite Edge Series AM5218MZTW handheld digital microscope is ready to accompany you wherever your work takes you. It’s designed to smooth out your workflow, and makes capturing, annotating and storing images of your specimens quicker and easier than ever. And with application-specific lighting, you can highlight exactly what you need to see on your sample.  

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The best microscope for day-to-day lab work

The OM900-T 100X - 640X Inverted Trinocular Biological Microscope is truly one of the best microscopes available for looking at living samples in a petri dish! These high quality instruments are affordable without compromising on any of the features you need to get your job done. 

This Omano microscope is highly flexible, comes with multiple configurations and is built to last. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, if something goes wrong 10 weeks from now or 10 years from now, we’ll fix it. 

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The reliable option for the budget-conscious lab manager

After two decades of working with the labs across the country, the most popular choice among your colleagues is resoundingly the 1000x Microscope - OM139 Compound Laboratory Microscope with Infinity Plan Optics. 

The reason other lab managers love it? It has a trinocular port option, so you can capture images and document findings in real time - a much smoother workflow than you use now. 

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The premium option for lab work and research

Designed for laboratory and research applications, the new BA410 Elite Research Compound Microscope is the flagship of Motic's biological microscope series. 

Modular by design, it is available in multiple configurations from standard achromatic through phase contrast, polarizing, epi-fluorescence and, with the clever addition of the new MC580INT camera/monitor attachment, it can also be transformed into a digital microscope

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Omano microscopes are way better than the Amscope you’re familiar with - better optics, sturdier construction, better expertise poured into them. 

In every state, lab managers and technicians are pushing the boundaries of their work, and saving money on digital and compound microscopes, without losing any of the features or quality. 

A Limited Lifetime Warranty.

If something goes wrong 10 weeks from now or 10 years from now, we’ll fix it.

A 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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