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Best-Selling Microscope Accessories to Upgrade Your Omano GX4 Stereo Boom Microscope

The OM2300S-GX4 3.5X-45X Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope is one of’s best-selling units for electronics, soldering work, and printed circuit board business. To help users maximize their Omano GX4 Boom System, a series of eBlasts was sent highlighting top accessories they can get for a well-deserved microscope upgrade.

Upgrade your Omano OM2300S-GX4 for electronics and soldering applications with the best-selling Omano 80 LED Ring Light with adjustable intensity control. See more and do more with increased amount of reflected light and shadow-free illumination, improving observation and interaction with your samples understudy -- perfect for nooks and crannies of PCBs.

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Omano 80 LED Ring Light

  • From $129, get it at $79

  • 60mm internal diameter w/ included 48mm adapter ring

  • Adjustable dimmer switch

  • Minimum 4,000 hours guaranteed

Make accurate measurements on your Omano OM2300S-GX4 Stereo Boom Microscope with this Omano 25mm Cross Linear Reticle. Designed for convenient microscopic calibration, this reticle is perfect when working on a production line requiring live imaging, dealing with electronics and soldering applications, or inspecting PCBs.

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Omano 25mm Cross Linear Reticle

  • From $98, Get it for $55

  • 25mm Reticle with 1.0mm x 1.0mm Cross Line Scale

  • 10 divisions = 1.0mm

  • Fits OMM300 compound, OM2300S, OMXTL, OM99 stereo microscopes 

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