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Microscope Forums

Welcome to the Microscope Community Forum! This is a space for dynamic discussion, where microscope enthusiasts from every walk of life come together. A place for professionals and hobbyists to ask questions, share resources and seek advice. Our team also checks the forum regularly, to share our professional expertise. 

Join this exciting community! Post your questions, answers, thoughts and insights below. 

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Still have questions? Share them here with our friendly & knowledgeable team of experts. Ask us for product recommendations, help troubleshooting and more!

Beginner's Corner

Start your microscopy journey here. If you're curious about microscope parts, the history of microscopy, beginner scopes & microscopes for kids - click here.

Dino-Lites & Digital USB Microscopes

How to make the most of your Dino-Lite. Covering everything from magnification, to cleaning and maintenance, to apps and software integration.


Curious about lamps, eyepieces and objectives? Looking for the most affordable compound microscope for your application? Or the right magnification for your stereo microscope?

Accessories & Add-ons

A discussion on the best microscope accessories - from mobile WiFi adapters, stands, remote control knob motors, foot pedals, backlight illuminators, and more.

Specimens, Samples & Slides

For advice and suggestions on preparing slides, best practices for preparing your samples, and help finding the right slides for your specimens.

Digital Microscope Photography & Videography

Tips for microscope photography and videography, using applications and software, and more.

Resources (books, videos, online & more)

A place to share suggestions for websites, YouTube videos, books, and other resources to take your microscopy to the next level.

Courses Discussions