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What's the difference between a compound and stereo microscope?

Charlie Swanston

Hello! Do you know what's the difference between a compound microscope and a stereo microscope? Thank you for your help!! :D

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Mark Henderson
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Hi Charlie, that's a good question.

Stereo microscopes, also called low-power microscopes, dissection microscopes, or inspection microscopes, are designed for viewing "large" objects that are visible to the human eye at low magnifications (under 50x). A stereo microscope provides an upright and unreversed, 3-dimensional image of the specimen.

A compound microscope, also known as high power or biological microscopes are used to view micro specimens that are not visible to the naked eye at high magnifications (40x-1,000x). A compound microscope provides an inverted 2-dimensional (flat) image of the specimen.

I hope that helps answer your question! 


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