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Do you sell microscopes for kids?

Charlie Swanston

Hello! I am wondering if you sell special microscopes for kids? My son is ten years old, and loves science experiments and nature. Thanks a lot!! 

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Mark Henderson
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Hi Charlie, so great to hear about your son's enthusiasm for science!

We absolutely sell microscopes for kids! Here are a few recommendations:

The Omano JuniorScope: The JuniorScope is the highest rated microscope for kids on the market today. It makes our ‘best microscopes list’ because unlike other microscopes on the market that look, feel, and perform like toys the JuniorScope provides a quality design, clear images, and a fun experience. The battery-powered LED light lets them go wherever the adventure takes them.

The Dino-Lite AM2111 0.3 MP Digital Microscope: The Dino-Lite AM2111 is a completely digital, handheld microscope that plugs into a computer.  With the AM2111 your kids can view images on the computer screen instead of looking through an eyepiece.  They can also take pictures and share them with friends and family. The Dino-Lite is undeniably better value than its rival products that lack the quality of software and design. The AM2111 is, in our opinion, the best in class and we recommend it compared to cheaper imitations.

The Omano OM150-MK 40X-400X Premium Monocular Compound LED Student Microscope: With up-to-date optics inside a robust package, the new Omano OM150-M LED student microscope is an ideal way to introduce young scientists to the world of microscopy. You can transform this microscope into a digital microscope too, by the simple method of adding a digital microscope camera. The OM150-M features high-quality optics made from 100% optically coated glass to ensure a crisp and clear image.

The Omano OM118-M3 40-400X Student Compound Microscope Gift Package

The Omano OM118-M3 is a full-size, high power monocular microscope used for inspecting cellular structures on slides.  It is best suited for older children and students from ages 10 and up. The ocular is angled at an ergonomic 45 degrees and rotates through 360 degrees for flexible viewing. It comes with a Dustcover, Manual, Spare Bulb, Spare Fuse.

You can find all of these and more options for kids on our website, or ask our friendly and knowledgeable team for the right microscope for your family! 

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Terry Gothard

I bought the JuniorScope for my granddaughter and she loves it. -Terry

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