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Microscope Reviews from the Workplace

Great Service - Fast shipping

“Exactly what we needed for our Receiving Inspection Dept. Works perfectly”
Steve M.
Love it

“I really love this microscope and use it daily. It is well made and the optics are absolutely professional grade. There's no reason to pay more when the GX4 provides everything you need for inspection work."
Terry T.

Roco D.
Just what I ask for

“Great quality. Used same quality products while working in the lab at the hospital for years.. nice stuff just smaller quantities."
Joseph A.
Easy inspections

“This Dino-Lite allows us to do easy inspections of our furniture hardware production. The polarization reveals much that the non-filtered view would miss. And of course all of the usual Dino-Lite features like auto magnification, smooth zoom and image capture are included."
Matt C.
Just the thing.

“I'm using this scope to get a closer look at botanical specimens for identification. It works perfectly. Because it's lightweight and the light can work on battery power, I can move it easily between workstations. Of note: even though it's lightweight, it's sturdy, and is not easily knocked over. I have the 3x (I thought I ordered the 4x), which seems to be good enough for now. It's a good tool and is serving its function perfectly."
Rebar W.
Great for the field

“I work in the field and a cheap plastic usb microscope won't last. The aluminum shell on this unit is tough and can take a beating. And, the image quality is still perfect even in rough terrain. It's my go to tool for in field inspection work."
Cyrus M.
easy to install and use,

“easy to install and use, good quality lens , with I had gotten one that the light intensity was adjustable but over all a good unit for my inspections."
David D.

“Works very well for our "deburr" dept. as well as an auxzillery inspection tool."
Hilario G.
Primary Inspection Scope

“It's our primary inspection scope in our shop. All around great."
Harrold G.

Learn what all the fuss is about.

Check out our best-reviewed QC inspection microscope, the OM2300S-GX4 3.5X-45X Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope

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Microscope Reviews from Schools

Middle School Science

“I ordered 15 of these for our middle school science room. I am impressed with the clarity of the images an the durability of the build."
John J.
Great for High School Lab

“We bough these for our high school science lab. They perform well and the students love them. I would recommend them to any school looking for quality microscopes at a reasonable price."
Shirley P.
Medical Student

“I'm a 2nd year medical student and I use the OM36 to do labwork in my apartment. I swear it is just as good as the expensive microscopes we have in the school lab. A great microscope at a great price."
Cyndi G.
Excellent Service

“The Biology Department of our high school was in need of new microscopes. During a search for affordable replacements, I came across I requested a quote and received a prompt response. The order was placed and even though we were told that the microscopes were back ordered, they were shipped the week after we ordered them! I should receive the order soon and will update this review once we have an opportunity to use the microscopes and check their performance. Michael was a pleasure to work with and was prompt with all email responses"
Donna S.
Wonderful microscope. Bought for school

“Wonderful microscope. Bought for school projects."
Dominick R.

“Great scopes for Middle School Science. Quick delivery. Great condition."
Patricia B.
Microscopes for school

“I buy microscope for our school district and always is my first choice."
John K.
Great for Classroom

“Great for the classroom. Every can easily see the specimen."
Sara V.
Good inexpensive slides

“I manage a variety of microbiology courses and the students go through an absurd amount of slides. These are good quality but inexpensive. Great find!"
John D.
Cameras working wonderfully!

“We are really going to be able to utilize the Moticam cameras, in particular in the Pre AP Biology classes and the Anatomy and Physiology classes. Being able to project the image to each student's iPad is a great teaching tool. Very happy with the service so far."
Monsignor A.

Check out our best-reviewed student microscope,

the OM36 40X-1000X Compound Student Microscope.

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Microscope Reviews from Parents and Grandparents on Our Kids Microscope


This is an extraordinary little microscope for maturing youthful researchers! It is tough, pleasantly weighted so it doesn't slide around, simple to alter. The images are exceedingly fresh. Setting the microscope up was either a little dubious putting the focal point in the stem, or the "installers" were somewhat befuddled:) Ultimately everything wound up in the correct place. By and large, we most likely ought to have let our little multi year old researcher amass it! Past the strength of the degree, what is especially pleasant is that it has three magnification Levels - 40x, 100x, 400x, and double lights. Subsequent to inquiring about microscopes for a considerable length of time I came to comprehend that numerous in a similar value extend have single magnification as well as one light source assuming any. It accompanies 5 prepared slides which truly kicked off her interest. She has been utilizing the clear slides to look at different examples she finds around the house. The stains, test tube, forceps, focal point papers, and so on extremely entire the set. The encased book is exceptionally far reaching! She has not utilized it much yet, but rather it's an incredible asset for later investigations. Numerous commentators have remarked that a case would have been decent, and would have been. Be that as it may, a residue cover is given, and honestly our researcher likes to have it out available to her consistently in light of the fact that she is continually discovering something she needs to analyze. This microscope can without much of a stretch bring her through to secondary school I accept."
Robert S.
I purchased the microscope for

“I purchased the microscope for my eight year old grandson for Christmas. He loves it and his dad, a doctor, said It’s amazing! Glad I bought it. The service was exceptional and it arrived very quickly. Thanks Microscope.Com"
Paulette B.
Perfect for Grandson

“Bought this for me grandson and it was a perfect gift. He loved it."
Dharma G.
For little sisted

“I'm a microbiologist and got this for my younger sibling for Christmas. I tried it out for her and demonstrated to her generally accepted methods to utilize a microscope (she's 7 y.o.) - including care and why it's critical. I quite like this. At the cost, it's a decent working microscope and particularly as a learning microscope. I would suggest this for use by any individual needing to figure out how to utilize a microscope - I would even love to have this at my home!"
Steve J.

“Really impressed with this microscope. High quality. This is NOT a kids toy."
Paul W.
Christmas present for my grandson.

“Can’t wait to see Clifton open his present;he loves to explore new things and this I hope will take his explorations to a new level.If this works the way I know it will,we will be doing more business. I don’t waste my money on silly toys and this is no toy."
Delano G.
9 yr old niece cherishes this!

“My 9-year old niece cherishes this! I have prescribed it to two other individuals as of now. I'm a science instructor so there are a few things to make reference to. On the off chance that conceivable, read the entire book before your child does. It will make utilizing the microscope a lot less demanding and a good time for the child. She's a third grader and can peruse the book with a smidgen of assistance. Other regular issues are the fine engine aptitude for focusing and glancing through one eye. The vast handle assists with the first. Practice and covering with a hand assists with the second. I additionally got another crate of prepared slides and a field note pad for her. I additionally demonstrated to her industry standards to make her own slides, which the book indicates too. Once more, for this situation the book is one of the most grounded parts of this set."
Rz R.
Very capable microscope for kids

“Very capable microscope for kids and their curious parents. Nice glass optics and simple to use and view slides, bugs, etc. The options for either top and bottom lighting are a great feature to extend the usability. Highly recommended."
Stan S.
A great investment for a child’s curiosity and education

“This was a great purchase. My 9-year-old daughter wanted a microscope and I wasn’t sure about buying one. She had never used one and I feared her expectations on what she could see may not match reality. Like images from high-end microscopes she’s seen on TV. I did a lot of research and it came down to a Canadian company and For me, I’d have had no import fees using the Canadian site but the reviews on this product swayed me. I’m glad I did! I purchased at a sale before Christmas and it was very reasonable. So reasonable I added some slides and a biology set. Everything is good quality, the slides are lab quality. The ideas and experiment pages are awesome. My daughter loves it and after a few minutes of instruction is now pulling it out and looking at everything she can find under it. Dog hair? Yes. Mold from bread? Yes. A scab she picked off? Yes, lol. This is an investment for children’s curiosity, education and fun. If you are thinking of buying one for a child, this is the one to use!"
Lindsay S.
Good junior microscope

“As a retired high school biology teacher, I was very pleased to see that the magnification of this junior microscope was nearly as strong as the ones that I used in my classroom for 35 years. The prepared slides were okay for my six and four year old granddaughters to use to practice getting things into view. I believe that they will find the microscope even more interesting as they get a little older."
Donald S.

Check out our best-reviewed kids’ microscope,

JuniorScope, The Ultimate Kids Microscope. 

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Reviews of Customers Experience Working with Our Helpful and Friendly Team

Very happy with the purchase!

“I recently bought the OM2344 Stereo and the OM36 Compound from As an adult hobbyist, they are perfect for my needs. Mike in tech support helped me through the decision process and answered all my questions, especially important since I never bought a microscope before. The website was informative, too, Very happy with the purchase!"
Robert B.
Mike at customer service was excellent!

“I have purchased all of my microscopes from you folks. Unfortunately I ordered a wrong model. I called and Mike took full control from the get go. He instructed me on how to ship item back and was able to replace them with the right items in a very short period of time. Was very impressed!!!"
Jose S.
Excellent customer service and product

“My company misspelled our address and I was contacted the same day that we placed the order to confirm the address, it was corrected with no problem, Rita Smith was our customer service representative, she was very nice and professional, we have been working with for many years ago, and we plan to keep working with you guys."
Halzar Z.
Awesome Technical Support

“My grandson managed to dissemble and lose the eyepiece to his scope within two minutes of opening his gift. Mike was an immense help in ordering a new eyepiece and directing me on repair to the original.(I decided to be proactive and have a backup plan). Since the scope’s “resurrection “, we have been non-stop exploring items in great detail. Quality and service are excellent!"
Kathleen P.
Excellent customer service

“Broke my microscope. Tech support identified the part needed or I bought it. Shipped quickly and even told me how to install it. Could not have asked for better customer service"
Brian B.
We purchased two stereo microscopes

“We purchased two stereo microscopes with displays. Very pleased so far with equipment and the support. Cudos to Mike G. He was very proactive and helpful consulting on final tweaks to our custom configurations to yield superb clarity. Well done."
David O.
The best slides and services

“These slides are good quality and price for one box is reasonable. I think people here are doing a great job to keep the price down."
Edward T.
Excellent customer service

“Mike was very knowledgeable and very helpful getting everything set up just right. Thank you."
Michael S.
great customer service

“very knowledgeable and friendly. helped me find the right eyepiece to fit our microscope. was shipped and to me within a couple days!"
Sarah D.
Terrific! It was a gift

“Terrific! It was a gift - a very well received and treasured gift. Thanks for the prompt service and responsiveness. Everything arrived together and in good working order. Next up, shopping for the right camera to add to the trinocular. Your chat box guys have already given me guidance for that."
Lisa M.