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AM4023CT 1.3MP Color USB Camera with C-Mount Threads

+ 1.3mp Resolution
+ Threaded to fit C-Mount on a microscope or endoscope
+ MicroTouch trigger for easy image capture
+ Measuring software with calibration
+ Mac Compatible
+ Optional WiFi adapter for iPad & Android
+ USB 2.0 Output

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    The Dino-Eye AM4023CT is one of the range of microscope eyepiece cameras manufactured by Dino-Lite Digital Handheld Microscopes. It is a C-Mount microscope camera, which is a standard type of lens mount designed for a multitude of lens types from microscopes to film cameras, that makes attaching a camera to a microscope a simple task of threading a compatible camera into position with the use of a C-mount adapter (Not Included).

    The Dino-Eye C mount camera also includes a touch trigger image capture button. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with an endoscope. The camera features 1.3M megapixel resolution, DinoCapture measuring software for both still and live imaging (video) direct to your computer. All Dino-Eye microscope cameras offer reliable, robust software, calibration slide and the same excellent color resolution that characterizes Dino-Lite products

    DinoScope Software

    Dino-Lite USB 2.0 software is compatible with both PC (DinoCapture 2.0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers although currently, the touch trigger mechanism is not enabled for Macintosh computers. We have found the software to be robust and reliable. It enables image capture, video and time lapse video while measuring capabilities include linear and geometric as well as circular and point-to-line.

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