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AM422XN Eyepiece Camera

+ AV/TV Output direct to TV or monitor
+ 510x496 pixels
+ Fits 23mm, C-Mount or 30.5mm oculars
+ 2 Year Warranty

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    The Dino Lite AM422XN eyepiece digital camera fits 23mm eyepiece ports and with two included adapters, it also can be used with C-Mount or 30.5mm ports. VGA output is direct to monitor or TV with 510x496 pixel resolution. The AV/TV output sends a live CMOS color signal directly to a television or monitor screen for real-time video and imagery analysis, without the complexity of computer software.

    The CMOS color sensor adjusts color balance, brightness and contrast in less-than-optimum lighting conditions. It is part of the eyepiece camera series manufactured by Dino-Lite Digital Handheld Microscopes renowned for robust, easy-to-use software and excellent color reproduction. /span

    Camera Adapters

    Designed to fit standard 23mm eyepiece ports. Includes 30mm C-Mount and 30.5mm adapters for greater versatility.

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