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New microscope stages and accessories for your microscope stage. Upgrade your lab or keep spare parts in-house so you can perform repairs when needed. On large orders, contact us to get a volume pricing quote.

Attachable Mechanical Stage for TC5000
650.00 650.00 650.0 USD
MA299 Graduated Mechanical Stage
795.00 795.00 795.0 USD
MA564 Mechanical Stage
565.00 565.00 565.0 USD
MA564/05 Mechanical Stage
600.00 600.00 600.0 USD
MA565 Mechanical Stage
630.00 630.00 630.0 USD
MA565/05 Mechanical Stage
599.25 599.25 599.25 USD
MA567 Acrylic Stage Plate
40.00 40.00 40.0 USD
MA569 Glass Stage Plate
40.00 40.00 40.0 USD
MA593 Stage Clips (Pair)
21.00 21.00 21.0 USD
MA661 Achromatic substage condenser
151.00 151.00 151.0 USD
MA661/674 Achromatic substage condenser
210.00 210.00 210.0 USD
MA728 Reflected Light Measuring Stage
1,575.00 1,575.00 1575.0 USD

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