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EM-21 LED Binocular Entry-Level 2X, 4X Incident and Transmitted Turret Stereo Rechargeable Microscope

The EM-21 Series Stereo Microscopes have crisp, erect images over a wide field of view. Featuring incident LED and transmitted LED illumination, these student microscopes are built to last, year after year. Just perfect for grade schools and high schools or magnet schools, museums, homeschools etc… This series is great for observing any biological or physical science specimens, coins, etc., virtually any object because the stand allows the optics to be raised high enough to fit virtually any specimen.

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    Meiji Techno
    Meiji Techno

    Meiji microscopes are manufactured around the world - in Japan, Germany, the UK, and China - to achieve a unique level of quality at a competitive price point. For more than 50 years, Meiji has been one of Japan's largest and best microscope manufacturers. Get your Meiji microscope and accessories from for super fast free delivery, value-oriented pricing, uniquely responsive support, and the guarantee that you'll get the quality you expect every time.

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    Introducing Meiji Techno America’s new EM-21 Turret Stereo Microscope features fixed magnifications of 20X and 40X. Designed with ergonomics in mind it is equipped with a Binocular 45° inclined tubes. The EM-21 is a complete microscope system which includes the 10X/20mm eyepieces, Incident and Transmitted LED rechargeable stand with dual variable intensity controls, Turret Stereo Microscope Body.  The EM-21 includes energy-efficient variable LED illumination dual spring loaded stage clips and One ± 5 diopter adjustment, Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 mm and 75 mm.  The stand is also equipped with an Auto Voltage Sensing Power Supply.

    Ideal for K-12, middle School, Junior High, High School classroom. This new series of stereo microscopes is affordable and built with a cast aluminum frame.

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