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ioLight Digital Compound Portable Microscope

+ Highest resolution digital field microscopes
+ Microscope images and videos anywhere you go
+ Ideal for observing plant or animal samples at the cellular level
+ Save on your phone/tablet
+ Choose between 150x magnification with 2mm field of view, or 400x magnification with 1mm field of view
+ Adjustable top and bottom illumination
+ Inverted
+ Direct connection, no WiFi infrastructure or router required
+ Long battery life
+ Receive yours in 10-14 days

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The ioLight goes anywhere you go. Designed and manufactured in the U.K., an ioLight digital compound portable microscope is the fastest way to see images at 400x right in the field. Just connect your phone, download the app, and start observing plant and animals specimens at the cellular level. No lab required.

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The ioLight digital compound portable microscope at a glance

There's no faster way to see samples in the field at 400x magnification than with your ioLight digital compound portable microscope. It's the most portable, most convenient, highest-performing microscope that fits in your pocket. It connects wirelessly to your phone and streams images and video in real-time. Multiple users can connect simultaneously and look at the field of view, so collaboration with colleagues or sharing information with clients is easy. It runs on a single battery charge for your whole day in the field, and you can easily adjust the top or bottom illumination to work with the variable lighting conditions in the field. 

Choose from 2 models:

  • 150x magnification with a 2mm field of view

  • 400x magnification with a 1mm field of view

Both models weigh about the same as a can of Coke, and fold down flat for easy carrying in your jacket pocket or the mesh side pocket of your backpack for easy access. It's ideal for:

  • Large animal vets or other scientists working with cows, horses, sheep, or other herd animals in the field

  • Agronomists and ecologists who don't want to cart as many samples back to the lab (and who would rather be in the field over the lab any day)

  • Science teachers and others in education who want better engagement and outcomes for students

Order today and get yours in 10-14 days. 

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