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Microscope Slide Draining Trays

Slide draining trays for slide storage boxes comes with base and tray made from ABS + a Styrene Acrylonitrile Resin (SAN) cover. Storage box dimension is 240 x 85 x 95mm. Draining tray dimension is 230mm x 78mm x 25 mm.

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Slide Draining Trays

- Storage Box features hinged lid for protection while providing easy access to slides

- Transparent lid provides clear view of the contents without opening

- Removable draining tray holds 100 slides in pre-numbered slots

- Tray provides speace between each slide so slides can be tilted forward and back for easy identification

- Tray can accomodate up to 200 slides (2 in each pre-numbered slot) on end for space savings

- Removable draining trays are also available separately

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