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MSRK-10A Table Top Precise Stand with Quick Release

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+ Precision industrial stand with quick release adjustment
+ Vernier controlled 8" tall vertical post for precise focusing
+ Lightweight and portable hands-free operation
+ Adjustable 7" horizontal boom arm
+ Included fixed boom extension arm
+ Optional flexible extension arm for greater reach

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The MSRK-10A table top platform stand combines a versatile 7-inch horizontal boom arm and a precision-focusing, 8-inch tall vertical adjustment for sharp, clean images. The RK-10A also features a quick-release mechanism within the machined vernier focus block that offers vertical re-positioning at the the touch of a button. Push the button in and slide the arm up or down to the desired height, then release the button, focus the microscope thumb wheel and fine-tune with the vertical knob for a sharp, clean image. An included safety collar offers a secure reference point for repeated observations at the same magnification level.

Stand Accessories

The boom arm can rotate 360 degrees within the focus block, permitting the microscope to view vertically, horizontally, or any angle in between. The horizontal arm offers 115mm of lateral movement and the vertical post allows 148mm of height adjustment. An included 130mm extension bar offers yet additional reach for imaging large subjects like PC motherboards, paper samples and other items.

The stand is constructed of durable and lightweight machined aluminum with a stain-resistant finish, making it an ideal choice for lab work, pcb inspections and industrial assembly line quality check stations.

For added versatility, the MSRK-10A can be easily paired with the new Dino Lite MS15X XY+R Base with Removable Rotating Table which allows you to move a specimen on both the X and Y axis as well as rotate it 360 degrees in a steady, controlled manner.

Accessories: Stand, Extension Arm, HD-P1 holster.

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