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MT6000 Epi-Fluorescence LED Microscope

+ Epi-Fluorescence microscope with 3 filters
+ 4 Semi Apochromatic objective lenses
+ Infinity Corrected Optical System
+ Computer Aided Design Frame and Optics
+ PE-300W/LEDMT brightfield LED illumination
+ Ergonomically positioned controls
+ Comfortable Siedentopf Viewing Heads
+ Quintuple turret DIN nosepiece
+ Six Position Fluorescence Module
+ Binocular or trinocular viewing heads
+ Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Meiji Techno
Meiji Techno

Meiji microscopes are manufactured around the world - in Japan, Germany, the UK, and China - to achieve a unique level of quality at a competitive price point. For more than 50 years, Meiji has been one of Japan's largest and best microscope manufacturers. Get your Meiji microscope and accessories from for super fast free delivery, value-oriented pricing, uniquely responsive support, and the guarantee that you'll get the quality you expect every time.

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The world of the epifluorescence microscope is a strange one, and one you’re unlikely to understand at first glance. Fluorescence imaging is a specific subset of microscopy that requires a fluorescence microscope to function.

Fluorescence imaging uses fluorescence or phosphorescence. In the world of epifluorescence microscopy, these specific scopes illuminate specimens using specific wavelengths of light that cause specimens to fluoresce, or glow. The information revealed by examining the type of glow a specimen gives off helps to determine certain characteristics that traditional microscopy can’t. Resolutions of fluorescence microscopes can vary, but it’s not uncommon to see magnification capabilities of 1000x or even more.

The heart of the MT6000 series is a new PE-300W/LEDMT brightfield LED epi-fluorescence illumination system built into the Infinity Corrected Optical System. The illuminator has six positions for filter cubes with three included cubes: Basic Blue, Basic Green and one U excitation cube. Optional phase contrast and darkfield components are available to make a highly versatile microscope popular with both universities and laboratories. Available in binocular or trinocular. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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