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MT7500 Series Brightfield/Darkfield Metallurgical Microscope

+ Incident light Brightfield/Darkfield microscope
+ Infinity Corrected Optical System
+ 4 Plan Epi BD Objectives
+ Binocular or trinocular
+ 50W halogen illumination
+ Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Meiji Techno
Meiji Techno

Meiji microscopes are manufactured around the world - in Japan, Germany, the UK, and China - to achieve a unique level of quality at a competitive price point. For more than 50 years, Meiji has been one of Japan's largest and best microscope manufacturers. Get your Meiji microscope and accessories from for super fast free delivery, value-oriented pricing, uniquely responsive support, and the guarantee that you'll get the quality you expect every time.

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The MT7500 series are metallurgical microscopes purpose-built for incident (reflected) light and darkfield observation of opaque materials such as metals, minerals and crystalline samples. Available in either binocular or trinocular format, this line of bright field microscope sets include Meiji's infinity corrected optical system with four Plan Epi BD objectives and two SWH 10x eyepieces for magnification levels of 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Bright field microscopes of these types offer intense illumination and rely on visible light to provide clarity at high magnifications. As the simplest and most popular form of microscopy, the bright field scope has been around a long time (from at least the 1590s). It’s attributed to either Hans Lippershey, the first scientist to file a patent for the device, or the father-son team of Hans and Zacharias Janssen, and it works through the use of condensing both ambient light and a light from a source situated under the sample that illuminates it from beneath to provide a clear image of a sample against a bright field (hence “bright field” microscopy).


A Siedentopf-type binocular head is available in binocular or trinocular format. The oculars are inclined at 30° with a diopter on the left ocular for individual eye focusing. Interpupillary adjustment is 53mm - 75mm. Two SWH 10x eyepieces (FN 22) are included. The four objectives are infinity corrected Plan Epi BD5x, BD10x, BD20x, and BD50x set in a ball-bearing mounted quintuple nosepiece.

An 80/20 beam splitter for the trinocular tube can be engaged for photo work. (100% to eye tubes or 80% to phototube & 20% to the eyetube.) 30mm ID eyetube. Please note that the trinocular port requires an adapter appropriate for your camera.

Stage & Focus

The mechanical stage is ceramic-coated and measures 191mm x 126mm. The range of movement is 100mm x 100mm and it includes low position drop down coaxial controls for X-Y movement. Focus controls are dual-sided with coaxial coarse/fine knobs.


Vertical Koehler illuminator with 12V 50W halogen lamp with clear blue, clear green, ND 50 neutral density filter and polarizing filters in metal mounts for brightfield or reflected light polarization. Universal 110-240V voltage.


Illuminator, 4 filters, manual, dust cover

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