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OM99-ACRO 6.5X-45X Articulated Boom Stereoscope with Acrobat Stand

+ Premium 6.5x-45x stereo microscope head
+ Super WF10x eyepieces
+ Acrobat articulating arm boom stand
+ Included ring light
+ Sharp optics
+ Lifetime Limited Warranty

Included in Bundle:
Articulating Stand: Acrobat Heavy Duty Articulating Boom Stand with 84mm Ring
Reducing Ring: OMFBRR Stereo Microscope Reducing Ring, 84mm to 76mm

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  • Head Type
  • Illumination Type
  • Camera Type
  • Magnification Type
  • Maximum Magnification
  • Minimum Magnification
  • Maximum Working Distance

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Magnification Type: Zoom
Maximum Magnification: 45x
Minimum Magnification: 6.5x
Maximum Working Distance: Standard

Omano Microscopes and Cameras
Omano Microscopes and Cameras

Omano microscopes are built to the same quality standards as the Zeiss or Leica you’re familiar with, but there’s no premium price attached to the name. But we don’t just tell you they’re good. We make sure they’re good with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The OM99-ACRO pairs the best Omano stereo microscope head with the Acrobat articulating arm boom stand. Zoom magnification is 6.5x-45x with Super WF10x eyepieces and eyecups for a terrific viewing experience. A ring light is also included. Lifetime Limited warranty.