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24W LED Fiber Optic Dual Pipe Illuminator

+ High intensity 24W light
+ Shadow-free, Long-life LED
+ Dual Self-Supporting, focusing light guides
+ Color Temp: 5600K
+ Max output: 1600 Lumen
+ ESD-Safe and UV-Free
+ Variable intensity control
+ Auto-switching (96V-265V) power supply
+ Bulb Life: 10,000 Hours

Included in Bundle:
Illuminator: 24W LED Fiber Optic Light Source
Fiber Optic Dual Pipe: 24W LED Fiber Optic Dual Pipe Light Guide

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

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    Brand new for 2015, our Omano 24W LED fiber-optic dual pipe system is ideal for applications requiring cool, lab-quality, high intensity light, including veterinary surgery, electronic part inspection, forensics and engraving among others.

    The The ESD-Safe and UV-free LED light source accepts input voltage from 96V-265V and allows a continuous range of subdued or concentrated lighting, controlled by a rotary dimmer dial on the front panel. The 5/8" light guide receptacle allows secure fitment of self-supporting, focusing 19-inch dual pipe fiber guides. They offer a variable-focusing cone of light which can be positioned exactly where needed for optimum lighting efficiency. Illumination intensity is variable from zero to full brightness and optional filters can be mounted in the receptacle for greater flexibility. A low-noise-signature forced-air cooling fan helps to ensure a trouble-free, 10,000 hour service life for the 24W LED bulb. The lamp color temperature is 5600K at 1600 lumen output, providing cool, shadow-free illumination for PCB inspection, materials failure analysis, manufacturing quality assurance and many others.

    Powerful 24V LED

    Power Supply: 96V/265V

    Variable Controlled Lighting: 50% to 100%

    Lamp Color Temperature: 5600K

    Fiber Optic dual pipe guides

    Auto-switching (96V-265V) power supply

    Life: 10,000 Hrs

    Weight: 10.4 LB

    Lamphouse Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"

    Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.

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