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Microscope Ring Light - 144 LED Ring Light, Variable Intensity By Section

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+ 144 LEDs with 100,000 Hour Lifespan
+ Adjustable Illumination
+ Cool White 20,000 LUX Intensity
+ Four-section flexible control
+ Rated for 90V - 265V AC power
+ Fits rings up to 60mm diameter

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    A new well-designed 144 LED microscope ring light joins the Omano illumination stable. It includes an integrated transformer to accept 90V-265V power and four independent ON/OFF zones in addition to variable intensity controls for maximum flexibility. A service life greater than 100,000 hours translates into years of trouble-free, energy-saving performance. This microscope ring fits scopes up to 60mm in diameter and includes a 48mm ring adapter.

    A microscope ring light is an excellent accessory for just about any scope. These lights are designed to be clamped or screwed on to the bottom of your scope’s nosepiece ring, fitting snugly around your objective lens, sometimes with the use of a specific adapter piece designed to work with your specific brand of scope. These ring lights can then be used to illuminate your sample from above, increasing the amount of reflected light and improving your ability to observe and interact with specific types of sample specimens that aren’t able to be illuminated from below. 

    Controlling a microscope ring light is done through a corded box that contains on/off and intensity settings. This allows you to specify the amount of illumination you desire. Ring lights have been traditionally made with compact fluorescent bulbs, but LED technology has quickly supplanted these older bulbs because they are cheaper to operate, don’t require any warm-up time, pose no hazards from broken bulbs, and can emit almost identical color temperatures while also illuminating either the entire stage or selected portions of it.

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