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15 Prepared Slides, Animal

15 Prepared Slides, Animal (mixed), mounted on glass with cover slips, labeled with plastic storage case.

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

    Omano microscopes are built to the same quality standards as the Zeiss or Leica you’re familiar with, but there’s no premium price attached to the name. But we don’t just tell you they’re good. We make sure they’re good with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    Earthworm, c.s.

        Mitosis of animal cell, eggs of horse ascarid, sec.

        Frog embryo, cleavage stage, sec.

        Frog egg, two cell stage, sec.

        Dense connective tissue, rabbit Achilles tendon, sec.

        Skeletal muscle, dog diaphragm, L.s.c.s

        Motor neurons, ox w.m.

        Wall of stomach, dog, sec.

        Kidney, mice, l.s.

        Lymph node, rabbit, sec.

        Kidney with blood vessels injected, rat, sec.

        Ovary, cat, sec.

        Hydra, c.s. through ovary

        Leech, w.m.

        Mite, w.m.

    c.s. – cross section

    sec. – section

    w.m. – whole mount

    l.s. – longitudinal section

    s.m - smear

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