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50 Prepared Slides, Animal

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+ 50 professionally made, Prepared Animal Slides
+ Educational range of mixed animal samples
+ Mounted on professional glass slide with sealed cover slips
+ Individually labeled
+ Long lasting hard plastic storage case
+ Recommended for schools and home use

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

    Omano microscopes are built to the same quality standards as the Zeiss or Leica you’re familiar with, but there’s no premium price attached to the name. But we don’t just tell you they’re good. We make sure they’re good with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    Listed below are the content specimens of the Omano animal slide set.

    4218 Earthworm, c.s.

    4220 Mitosis of animal cell, eggs of horse ascarid, sec.

    4221 Frog embryo, cleavage stage, sec. (pictured above)

    4222 Frog blastula, sec.

    4223 Frog gastrula, late stage, sec.

    4224 Giant chromosomes in salivary gland of fruit fly, w.m.

    4228 Frog egg, one cell stage, sec.

    4229 Frog egg, two cell stage, sec.

    4230 Frog gastrula, early stage, sec.

    4251 Simple flat epithelium, frog mesothelium, w.m.

    4252 Stratified flat epithelium, cat esophagus, w.m.

    4253 Human skin, sec. through hair follicle

    4254 Human skin, sec. through sweat glad

    4255 Dense connective tissue, rabbit Achilles tendon, sec.

    4257 Human blood, smear

    4258 Skeletal muscle, dog diaphragm. L.s.c.s.

    4259 Teased smooth muscle, frog, w.m.

    4260 Human cardiac muscle, sec.

    4261 Motor neurons, ox w.m.

    4262 Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.

    4263 Motor nerve endings, rabbit, w.m.

    4264 Wall of stomach, dog, sec.

    4265 Kidney, mice, l.s.

    4266 Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s.

    4267 Small intestine, dog, sec.

    4268 Ciliated epithelium, frog palatine musoca , sec.

    4269 Lymph node, rabbit, sec.

    4270 Lung with blood vessels injected, sec.

    4271 Kidney with blood vessels injected, rat, sec.

    4272 Taste buds, rabbit, sec.

    4273 Tongue, l.s.

    4274 Human testis, sec.

    4275 Ovary, cat, sec.

    4276 Human sperm, smear

    4308 Hydra, c.s. through ovary

    4310 Planarian, w.m.

    4311 Planarian, carbon-fed, showing digestive branches, w.m.

    4315 Schistosome male, w.m.

    4316 Schistosome female, w.m.

    4317 Schistosome egg, w.m.

    4318 Schistosome miracidia, w.m.

    4319 Schistosome cercaria, w.m.

    4320 Ascarid, female, c.s.

    4321 Leech, w.m.

    4322 Hind leg of honey bee, w.m.

    4323 Mouth parts of honey bee, w.m.

    4324 Mouth parts of house fly, w.m.

    4325 Mouth parts of butterfly, w.m.

    4326 Mouth parts of female mosquito, w.m.

    4327 Mite, w.m.

    We also offer the Omano 50-slide kits with non-animal specimens and mixed biological specimens of the five kingdoms. Click here to view more prepared microscope slides.

    c.s. – cross section

    sec. – section

    w.m. – whole mount

    l.s. – longitudinal section

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