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50 Prepared Slides, Non-Animal

+ 50 professionally made, Prepared Non-Animal Slides
+ Educational range of mixed plant, fungi, protist and monera samples
+ Mounted on professional glass slide with sealed cover slips
+ Individually labeled
+ Long lasting hard plastic storage case
+ Recommended for schools and home use

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

    Omano microscopes are built to the same quality standards as the Zeiss or Leica you’re familiar with, but there’s no premium price attached to the name. But we don’t just tell you they’re good. We make sure they’re good with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    This Non-Animal microscope slide set contains 50 professionally prepared and stained tissue specimen slides in a finely-crafted plastic box with durable hinges and clasp.

    These are specimens of the Plant, Fungi, Protist (single celled organisms) and Monera (bacteria) Kingdoms.

    4201 Corn root, l.s.

    4202 Young root of broad bean, c.s.

    4203 Teung root of Hydrilla verticillata, l.s.

    4204 Pumpkin stem, c.s.

    4205 Pumpkin stem, l.s.

    4206 Monocot stem, corn, c.s.

    4207 Dicot stem, sunflower, c.s.

    4208 Woody dicot stem, linden, c.s.

    4209 Dicot leaf, c.s.

    4210 Lower epidermis of broadbean, w.m., showing stoma

    4211 Penicillium, w.m.

    4212 Actinomyces, w.m.

    4213 Chlamydomonas, w.m.

    4214 Three types of bacteria, smear

    4215 Yeast, w.m.

    4216 Paramecium, w.m.

    4217 Hydra, l.s.

    4219 Mitosis of plant cell, onion root tip, l.s.

    4225 Pine leaf, c.s.

    4226 Endosperm of Diospyros, sec. showing plasmodesma

    4227 Spirogyra conjugation, w.m.

    4231 Lichen, sec.

    4232 Moss antheridia, sec.

    4233 Moss archegonia, sec.

    4234 Moss protonema, w.m.

    4235 Fern leaf, sec.

    4236 Fern prothallium, s.m.

    4237 Fern prothallium with young sporophyte, w.m.

    4238 Germinating pollen of Amaryllis

    4239 Lily ovary, sec.

    4240 Lily anther, sec.

    4241 Young embryo of shepherd’s purse, sec.

    4242 Old embryo of shepherd’s purse, sec.

    4243 Leaf of winter jasmine, c.s.

    4301 Volvox, w.m.

    4302 Aspergillus, w.m.

    4303 Mushroom, coprinus, sec.

    4305 Wheat grain embryo, l.s.

    4306 Paramecia in conjugation, w.m.

    4307 Paramecia in fission, w.m.

    4308 Hydra, c.s. through ovary

    4309 Hydra, c.s. through spermary

    4330 Hydra with bud, w.m.

    4431 Leaf of water lily c.s.

    4432 Sunflower stem l.s.

    4433 Leaf of celery c.s.

    4434 Ginko stem c.s.

    4435 Cotton leaf c.s.

    4436 Water lily stem cs. (pictured at top)

    4437 Corn leaf c.s.

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