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Hemacytometer Cover Slips Plain Glass with 3 Slips

+ Cell depth 0.100mm
+ Volume 0.1 microliter
+ Improved Neubauer ruling pattern
+ Beveled edges for safety
+ Includes 3 cover slips

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

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    Many microscopy applications such as microbiology, blood work, apiculture and veterinary science require counting the number of cells, mites or other organisms within a known volume of fluid. The hemacytometer is a useful tool for this work of examining blood cells or making cell counts and consists of a thick glass microscope slide with a grid of perpendicular lines etched in the middle. The grid has specific dimensions of height, width and depth, so that the space covered by the lines is known. This in turn, makes it possible to count the number of cells in a specific volume of solution, and determine the concentration of cells, mites or organisms in the fluid overall, either by multiplying the number of cells in one square by the total number of cells or by counting the number of cells in each square by hand and then adding those figures together.

    To use the hemocytometer, place the cover slip on the surface of the counting chamber. Use a dropper to place a drop of sample fluid on the edge of the cover slip at the top of the grid. Capillary action will fill the counting chamber with the sample. The number of cells in the chamber can then be determined by direct counting using a microscope. The concentration is found by dividing the number of cells in the chamber by the chamber's volume.

    Our Hemacytometer features 2 counting chambers for flexibility and 45-degree beveled edges for safe handling. Package includes 1 Hemocytometer slide and 3 cover slips.

    Dimensions: 74mm x 33mm x 4.75mm

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