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50 Histology Human Tissue Slides

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+ 50 professionally made, Prepared Human Tissue slides
+ Educational range of blood, muscle and organ tissue samples
+ Mounted on professional glass slide with sealed cover slips
+ Individually labeled
+ Long lasting hard plastic storage case
+ Recommended for schools and home use

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

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    Histology slides like the Omano OMSK-HH50 set of 50 human tissue slides are an excellent educational tool. This full set of prepared human tissue slides include a wide range of blood, muscle and organ tissue samples, all of which have been professionally sealed and labeled for easy comparison and classification. These 50 histology slides come in a hard plastic storage case for safe-keeping and include samples ranging from epithelial cells, blood cells, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, organ samples from the tongue, thyroid, spleen, and small intestine, samples of the liver and lung shown in cross section, and dozens of others of varying types, all taken from human specimens.

    Known as the microscopic study of organic tissue, histology and microscopy go hand-in hand. Understanding the microanatomy of cells, organs, and tissues under magnification through a visual medium, histology teaches us how to recognize and classify a red blood cell from a white blood cell, understand tissue samples in cross section, and to better understand the form and function of organ and tissue disease on a visual level. As a counterpart to gross anatomy, histology is an invaluable method for learning biology.

    This excellent collection of 50 slides taken from human tissues is an excellent medical histology resource for instruction at the high school, college and graduate levels. Most organ systems and tissues are represented.

    110     Simple columnar epithelium

    111     Stratified pavement epithelium

    112     Simple cuboidal epithelium

    213     Human blood s.m.

    214     Bone marrow s.m

    215     Loose connective tissue

    216     Adipose tissue

    217     Hyaline cartilage

    218     Fibrocartilage

    219     Elastic cartilage

    220     Human skin section through sweat gland

    221     Human skin section through hair follicle

    313     Separation mounting of smooth muscle

    317     Smooth muscle, c.s. and long section

    318     Separation mounting of skeletal muscle

    319     Cardiac muscle,  sec. (hematine)

    414     Feeler body

    415     Cerebrum, sec.

    416     Cerebellum, sec.

    417     Heart sec.

    510     Large artery, sec.

    511     Vena cava section

    607     Spleen, sec.

    608     Thymus, sec.

    609     Tonsil, sec.

    705     Thyroid, sec.

    706     Epithelial body

    707     Adrenal gland, sec.

    823     Tongue, l.s. (shows internal structure, pictured above)

    824     Esophagus, c.s.

    825     Stomach wall, sec.

    826     Small intestine,  c.s.

    830     Colon, sec.

    831     Appendix, sec.

    832     Salivary gland, sec

    836     Liver, sec.

    907     Trachea, c.s.

    909     Lung, c.s.

    1005   Kidney, sec.

    1006   Metanephric duct, c.s.

    1109   Testis, sec.

    1110   Epididymis, sec.

    1112   Deferent duct, c.s.

    1114   Ovaries, sec.

    1115   Womb, sec.

    1116   Fallopian tube, c.s.

    1117   Vagina, sec.

    1118   Placenta, sec.

    1119   Pituitary, sec.

    1120   Bone grinding, sec

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