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Microbiology Kit with Starter Slide Kit & Book

4.75 (4 Reviews)

+ The Perfect Microscope Accessory Gift!
+ Excellent introductory book
+ Popular and comprehensive slide kit
+ 5 Professionally prepared slides included
+ Everything needed to grow bacteria cultures
+ Includes 50 blank slides

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    Omano Microscopes and Cameras
    Omano Microscopes and Cameras

    Omano microscopes are built to the same quality standards as the Zeiss or Leica you’re familiar with, but there’s no premium price attached to the name. But we don’t just tell you they’re good. We make sure they’re good with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    The Perfect Microscope Accessory Gift for Your Young Scientist!

    This student microbiology experimentation and study kit has everything you need to grow your own bacteria cultures. Experiment with bacteria in the air, on your hands and more, with help from the included, "World of the Microscope" book, a wonderful student guide to microscopy. This book is packed full of colorful illustrations on hundreds of interesting experiments. Your microbiology kit also includes 5 professionally prepared slides inspired by a permanent exhibition at The Natural History Museum in London to fire the imagination of children - and adults alike.

    Kit includes the following items:

    5 Prepared Slides

    50 Premium Blank Slides

    100 Slide Covers - 22mm x 22mm

    1 Dropper or Pipette

    6 Swabs

    3 Well Slides

    3 Petri dishes

    5 gm Nutrient Agar


    World of the Microscope book

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