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Lens Cleaning Solution, All-Natural, 1oz


+ All Natural, Biodegradable, Highly efficacious lens cleaner
+ Recommended for all multi-coated lenses and optics
+ Non toxic, non-flammable, no CFCs, 100% hazard free
+ Sterile solution exceeds EPA and OSHA standards
+ Developed for NASA
+ 7 year life

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    Developed originally for NASA and the US Military and Government, Purosol is the best lens cleaner we have found, being All-Natural, 100% biodegradable and designed for use in any environment. It is currently in use on the International Space Station and was used extensively on Apache helicopter and Abrams tank optics during the Gulf War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Purosol is used by laboratories, hospitals, research facilities, professional photographers and for home use. It won the 2007 National parenting Award for safe products in the home.

    For use with any multi-coated lens or optics, Purosol Lens Cleaner employs a unique enzyme-based formula that immediately disrupts the molecular bonds that salt, grime, grease, dirt and mineral deposits use to adhere to lens surfaces. It actually breaks down the debris for immaculate, streak-free cleaning and a crystal clear finish. Moreover in being 100% hazard free with zero toxic ingredients and no CFC's, Purosol leaves no chemical residue to harm your lenses.

    In actually neutralizing static and repelling dirt and dust, Purosol not only cleans your lenses better than any cleaner we have seen, but it keeps them cleaner for longer. Combined with a proprietary sprayer, Purosol delivers an ultra fine mist for optimal cleaning while also saving money.

    FOR USE ON ALL COATED LENSES AND OPTICS. Safe for air travel. Manufactured in Class 100 Clean Room.

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