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MA603 Inclined trinocular head
730.00 730.00 730.0 USD
MA657 Binocular head erect image
825.00 825.00 825.0 USD
MA815 Binocular head - Siedentopf type
475.00 475.00 475.0 USD
MA815/05 Binocular head, Seidentopf
450.00 450.00 450.0 USD
MA816/05 Trinocular head, Seidentopf
600.00 600.00 600.0 USD
MA953 Trinocular head - Siedentopf type
820.00 820.00 820.0 USD
MA957 Ergonomic binocular head
775.00 775.00 775.0 USD
MA957/05 Ergonomic Binocular Head
750.00 750.00 750.0 USD
RZDT Brightfield Darkfield CMO Stereo Microscope
5,335.00 5,335.00 5335.0 USD
MA910/15 Abbe condenser with Darkfield Stop
350.00 350.00 350.0 USD
MA911 Achromatic condenser
150.00 150.00 150.0 USD
MA913 Zernike Phase condenser
695.00 695.00 695.0 USD
MA910 Abbe condenser
119.00 119.00 119.0 USD
MA508 Photo Eyepiece 5X (No reticle mount)
120.00 120.00 120.0 USD
MA512 Photo Eyepiece 2.5X (No reticle mount)
130.00 130.00 130.0 USD

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