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TC-5500/5600 Inverted LED/Halogen Epi- Fluorescence Biological Microscope

+ 6V 30W LED Transmitted Koehler + CoolLed Epi Module
+ Semi APO LWD Planachromat F10X and F20X objectives
+ Voltage Sensing Power Supply
+ Equipped with Basic Blue & Green Chroma Filters
+ AT-GFP / FITC Longpass Exciter (EX): AT480/30x
+ Dichroic (BS)AT505DC, Emitter (EM): AT515lp
+ AT-TRITC/Cy3 Longpass Exciter (EX): AT540/25x
+ Dichroic (BS)AT565DC, Emitter (EM): 515lp
+ Quintuple turret DIN nosepiece
+ Transparent stage plate to view objectives
+ Low profile coaxial and fine focus controls

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Meiji Techno
Meiji Techno

Meiji microscopes are manufactured around the world - in Japan, Germany, the UK, and China - to achieve a unique level of quality at a competitive price point. For more than 50 years, Meiji has been one of Japan's largest and best microscope manufacturers. Get your Meiji microscope and accessories from for super fast free delivery, value-oriented pricing, uniquely responsive support, and the guarantee that you'll get the quality you expect every time.

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Designed for examining tissue cultures, microbes and other live specimens in petri dishes and culture bottles, the TC-5550 and 5600 models offer a cost effective and high quality inverted fluorescence microscopy solution. Infinity corrected optics include two long working distance, TC plan fluorescent objectives (F10x and F20x), mounted in a quintuple nosepiece. They combine with two SWH10x eyepieces for magnification powers of 100x and 200x. The microscope has a chemical resistant baked enamel finish.

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