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Software Downloads


OptixCam Air & OptixCam KoPa C-500W Wifi

  Micro Capture for Windows  264 MB (includes driver)

   Micro Capture for Mac

OptixCam Classic Summit and Pinnacle Series Software for X Series Cameras


ISCapture 4.1.3 for Windows
15.7 MB

Driver - Tucsen Camera Driver H Series Setup
6.9 MB

Installation Manual


Installation Manual

Older Summit and Pinnacle Series Cameras (pre-2013)

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   TSView Setup for Windows  10.6 MB   ** for older Summit Series

   TSView 7 Manual  6.0 MB PDF

  Summit Series Drivers (pre-2013 cameras)

OCS 1.3 Driver Setup  1.1 MB
OCS 3.0 Driver Setup  1.1 MB
OCS 5.0 Driver Setup  1.1 MB
OCS 9.0 Driver Setup  1.1 MB

  OptixCam Pinnacle Series Drivers (pre-2013 cameras)

OCS 1.3S Driver Setup  1.1 MB
OCD 1.4B Driver Setup  2.2 MB
OCD 3.3, 3.3ICE Driver Setup  1.0 MB
OCD 5.0, 5.0ICE Driver Setup  2.2 MB

  Forced-Install driver for OCS 350K (not normally needed)

OCS 350K Driver Setup  16.9 MB


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