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Spot & Document Defects Under Inspection Faster & with Greater Accuracy

 A more streamlined industrial inspection process allows your workplace to get more done in less time with greater accuracy. And better equipment helps technicians avoid the eye strain, headaches, and neck pain common in the role. Find a microscope below, add a digital camera, and watch every measure of productivity and technician satisfaction immediately grow.

Industrial Inspection Microscopes

They’re indispensable for, failure analysis, defect detection, and measurement verification, but you shouldn’t pay the extra 30% that comes with a brand name. invest in an instrument that brings value to your workplace, not just a brand name, and almost immediately pays for itself in increased productivity.

Semiconductor Inspection Microscopes

There’s always a lot of pressure to inspect more wafers in less time. But defects are getting smaller and harder to detect. A good semiconductor microscope can improve the speed and accuracy of your inspection and quality control, as well as failure analysis, and rework.

Toolmakers Microscopes

Your toolmakers microscope needs to be ultra-precise and easy to use. It also needs to be durable, since it'll get hard, consistent use every day for the next 10+ years. When you inspect and measure machined parts in your quality control process, a better microscope makes your job easier

Electronics & PCB Microscopes

Printed circuit board components are getting smaller and more complex by the day. Your old magnifying glass or magnification lamp doesn't cut it anymore. The clear optics and bright illumination you get from a purpose-built electronics & PCB microscope allow you to perform more work, faster

Why industrial inspection technicians and managers work with

You get more than just the best value in the microscopes you buy. Yes, curates products with the best mix of features, performance, and price - and that alone is valuable in most industrial inspection processes. It saves managers and technicians from having to sort through thousands of options online. We already did the sorting. And we’re experts, so you can trust the collection here reflects that. Industrial users also come back here over and over because of the added value built into our service, like:

Time savings and confidence in your purchase

You know your application. We know microscopy. Industrial users like you don’t have time to sort through every option, learn the newest technology, and find the best price. But you still want to be 100% sure you got the right tool for your application and the best value for your investment. We’re the dorky friend you ask about laptops when you need an upgrade or the handy friend that helps you choose the right subfloor when you refinish your basement. You know what you need to do. We find you the technology that enables you to do it.

Free shipping on all orders over $150

The low minimum order for free shipping means your budget never pays for something that doesn’t return value to the business in the end. You pay for the instruments, not the transportation that gets them to you. No matter how large your order is, shipping will always be free as long as you meet the $150 minimum. 

Volume pricing options for large orders

You don’t always need a single unit. Maybe you want to order multiple units for several laboratory locations, or different configurations so you can offer more bespoke services. The pricing at is already remarkably competitive, but there are even better options for larger orders. If you plan to order multiple units, contact us for your volume pricing quote.

Fast shipping

If the items for your order are in stock (and they probably are, since we stock a LOT, and you can see right on the product page if what you ordered is at the warehouse), we’ll ship them today. You’re excited to get your new gear, get familiar with it, and start seeing the impact they have on your technicians and the volume of work that gets done. So we make sure you get it fast.

No-questions-asked returns for 30 days

Sometimes the microscope that arrives turns out to be the wrong fit. It’s rare, but it happens. Maybe you underestimated the features you need; or overestimated. Or maybe you just don’t like the color of the microscope that arrived. You don’t need any reason to send your Omano microscope back as long as it’s within 30 days of your order. We’ll take it and help you find what that first order was missing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure my microscope to work the way I’m most comfortable?

Yes! Every product page on includes all the possible customization options for the microscope you’re interested in. Just configure your instruments using the dropdown menus and your price updates in real-time. If an option you want doesn’t show up, it isn’t available on that model.

How long does it take to receive my order?

 As long as your items are in stock, we ship immediately. How quickly you receive your order is only limited by space and time. We’re located on the east coast, so orders to the west coast may take a little longer to arrive. But we’re talking days (maybe 3) and definitely not weeks.

What accessories do you recommend for my application?

We work with hundreds of colleges and thousands of businesses to customize solutions for unique applications. Your application is as unique as you are, so we need to know a little more about what you want to do before we make any recommendations. Contact us directly to talk over your application and we’ll happily direct you to the accessories your peers found valuable.

How can I get a volume pricing quote?

You can do this two ways. The first is to sign up for a corporate account. The second is to contact us directly. All we need to apply your volume pricing is a little information about you (and of course the things you want to order).