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Are you having trouble with your microscope? Below is a list of common questions we receive when it comes to microscope maintenance and troubleshooting. If your question is not listed here, please call us at (877) 409-3556 and a technician will gladly assist you.

1).  My microscope will not turn on.

  1. Check to see if your microscope is plugged in.

  2. Check to see if the bulbs are installed correctly.  You may have to install or reinstall the microscope bulb.

  3. If the bulbs are installed, check to make sure they are not loose, which sometimes happens during shipment.

  4. Check the rheostat (light intensity control) on the side of the microscope. Many customers omit to turn up the light!  

  5. Check the fuse. Is the fuse in good condition? All microscopes (with cords) have fuses that can be accessed from the outside of the microscope. Depending on the your microscope model, you will either find the fuse on the bottom or back of the microscope. If the glass case of the fuse appears discolored or burned, or you can see broken pieces of the fuse element, this means the fuse is not working. Replacing the fuse will fix this problem. If your microscope blows its replacement fuse quickly, please contact one of our microscope technicians for repair.


2.)  I cannot see anything through my microscope.

  1. Make sure you have removed the protective coverings such as lens covers.

  2. Ensure that the eyepieces are installed.

  3. Check that the light is on.

3.)  I cannot install my eyepieces.

  1.  Check to ensure that the protective covers are removed from the eye ports? If not, pull out protective covers.

  2. Check to see if there are tiny retaining screws obstructing the installation? If so, retract with a small slotted screwdriver, such as an eyeglass screwdriver or penknife.  Be careful not to scratch the finish on the eyepiece tubes. These screws are for transportation only and may be discarded.

4.)  I cannot view anything through the trinocular port on my microscope.

  1.   Check if a black protective cover obstructing your view? If so, remove the protective covering.

  2. There may be a silver pull or lever on the side or front of your microscope head. This pull controls the light path to the oculars or trinocular port.  Adjust the pull/lever to whichever setting you desire.

  3. Are you attempting to look through the trinocular port without an eyepiece? The trinocular port does not contain an optic for viewing.  You may purchase an eyepiece ocular to facilitate this type of use if necessary. Typically the trinocular port is used for digital camera attachments that do not require an eyepiece ocular.

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